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Writing in Advance and Scheduling Posts

Blogging is one of the best ways to create yourself as an expert in your field and market to your customers. However, understanding why you should be writing in advance and scheduling your posts is important to the entire blogging process. Consistency and quality are undoubtedly two of the most valuable things you can offer to your readers, so the more organized you are in writing and scheduling your posts, the more success you will have with your blogging.

Why You Should be Writing In Advance and Scheduling Blog Posts

You can’t plan for everything

In business, not everything will go your way. If you find that you are ahead in your posts, then that will allow you have a buffer on those days where you barely have time to scratch yourself. Get ahead and stay ahead. If you are sick, or your website goes down, or any other number of reasons, blogging will quickly become a low priority. Don’t let that happen. Write those posts and set them to schedule, so you don’t have to give them a second thought. It will allow you to target your audience more confidently and ensure a more cohesive approach to blogging.

Don’t rush

Your best work will rarely come when you are working to a deadline, or even worse, running behind schedule. As blogging is a process to market your company at its best and assert your knowledge on a particular subject, writing haphazard or unfinished posts will not help you forge ahead. A quick last minute post may fill in a blank and keep you to schedule, but well-written posts prepared in advance, will win every time. Make blogging more of an enjoyable process to ensure the creativity remains, and when it does rear its end, make sure you have your pen and paper handy.

How To Write and Schedule Your Blog Posts In Advance

Set a schedule for writing

Where possible, set a schedule for writing and stick to it. If you are aiming for one to two posts a week, then give yourself time to get ahead. Plan to write two to three posts a week if possible. Once you have a few extra blogs on your site, then you can slow the process down and slot back into your regularly scheduled program. When you know things are going to get hectic, then make sure you eke out enough writing time to keep the momentum going. Consider this your blogging safety net for emergencies.

Schedule them ahead of time

With WordPress, it is relatively easy to schedule your blog posts ahead of time. Check back with your marketing plan and allocate the date and time for each specific blog post. Avoid the desire to post each blog post immediately as you want to create a schedule, and stick to it. Always try to schedule the articles, so they appear at regular intervals on your website. Search engines such as Google favor new content on a regular basis so if you can, post weekly otherwise, post at least one article a month.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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