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WordPress Websites and eLearning Platforms

We’ve recognised a gap in the market for cost effective, easy to use, ready made websites that YOU can manage yourself.

Our websites are specifically designed for women entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to create a website from scratch, or want to spend money to hire a web developer, when they can use that money to market their business.

We have been building WordPress websites since 2007. We keep things simple and uncomplicated. We pay attention to all the small details. We want You to be empowered to manage your own site.

We do all the technical, sometimes messy setup, this means you won’t need to worry about learning the technical know how, nor will you waste time (and ultimately money) trying to figure out how to do everything on your own. We provide you with cheat sheets, instructional videos and 30 days technical support.

We’re excited to help you create a beautiful, professional and fully functional website!

We Offer Three Types of Website Services

Website Development

Specialising in WordPress, our websites are mobile-friendly, beautiful, functional with easy to use features. Our themes have been designed with the service-based business owner in mind.

Our goal is to offer you a variety of choices that would suit your needs.

Our almost custom website designs have been created to empower you to manage and develop your own site. Choose one of our themes, and we’ll customise the colours and font, as well as add your content and images.

No need to learn how to install the software, connect your domain to your hosting or create the site layout – we do all that for you.

Membership Sites

A membership site is any part of your online business that contains gated content (information behind a log in). A gate is simply a barrier to limit access to your content to those who pay or you decide to let in. Once inside, they get access to exclusive content and membership privileges.

From mobile app memberships to recurring drip-released membership websites: they are used to deliver online trainings, connect communities, and everything in between.

With an almost infinite variety of membership models to choose from, it’s important to understand what a membership website can do and what’s best left to other platforms. We can help you through this process from deciding on the model, to developing your site on WordPress.

eLearning Systems

According to Global News Wire, the global e-learning market is poised to reach $325 billion by 2025. If you want to tap into the market, you are best to work with those ‘in the know’.

With more than 35 years of experience in human resources, training and development, online tools and systems, as well as 12 years working in the virtual support world, we are the right people to be working with!

We help you turn your skills, knowledge, and expertise into scalable eCourses, and online programs. Our packages are perfect for those course creators that have their eCourse mapped out already.

Past Clients

Offered invaluable insights and suggestions

A huge help working with Anna on the redesign of our website. Anna quickly understood our client base and therefore the look and feel we were after. She offered invaluable insights and suggestions both in terms of content and design and was able to translate web requirements into something I could work with. I wouldn’t have made the progress we did without Anna’s support. We now have a website that we’re really proud of.

Suzanne Lines, Executive Coach, Abamentis

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Because we carefully tailor our services to each new client's unique needs, we intentionally limit the number of clients we onboard each month. To discuss your needs and how the Bauhinia team could support you in the growth of your business, book a Discover Call with our Founder and CEO, Nicole Graham.