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Ensure your website is not your weakest link!

Does your website need attention? Safeguard your business.

Website Content Updates

Do you find keeping your website up-to-date a struggle? We can assist you with content updates, whether you’re using WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

Website Care Plans

Keeping a website in tip-top shape is crucial to your business, especially if you’re promoting yourself online, or providing an online service or program.

Website Health Checks

Website health checks are ideal for inactive brochure sites. We’ll check the speed, update outdated software, and identify any vulnerabilities.

Your website is a lot like your car, you’ve invested a lot into it and it’s important that you keep your site maintained for it to continue to run smoothly. With this in mind, we offer WordPress Website Support in the form of updates, care plans, and health checks. Our Website Care Plan keeps your active website in peak performance, while our health checks are ideal for non-active sites to protect it from vulnerabilities.

We have been building WordPress websites since 2007.  Actually, we grew up along side the development of WordPress, which started out as a blogging platform, and now is the world’s most popular and widely used content management system. On top of it’s popularity, search engines love WordPress because the code behind it is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content.

Blogging is an important part of content marketing and search engine optimisation, therefore it is a great addition to most websites. Since WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, your WordPress website automatically comes with the capacity for blogging.

Efficient and Effective, from Vision to Implementation

When I was setting up my business as a sole trader, I was so fortunate and grateful to have the expertise, guidance and support of Nicole and her team to help me with my website.  The whole process, from vision to implementation, was efficient and effective and the final product is an ideal representation of me and my business.

Aran Dadswell

Executive Coach & Trainer

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