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The Wonders of Web 2.0

The web is a fascinating place and is rapidly changing and developing as technology becomes more sophisticated. Web 1.0, a phrase referring to the state of the internet in its early stages has now been overtaken by Web 2.0 as the internet becomes more focused on information sharing and collaboration.

The last four or five years has seen a massive increase in the number of people using the internet for purposes other than information gathering and online shopping. Social media has risen to the forefront and provided a platform for businesses and individuals alike to share their information and points of view.

A weblog or blog was a phrase almost unheard of in 2000 even though blogging had been in practice since the late 90s. Fast forward to 2009 and over 112 million blogs have been created for both business promotion and hobby sharing purposes. Interestingly enough the term blog, produced an offshoot known as micro-blogging, with the advancement of such popular platforms as Twitter and Tumblr.

The phrase social media also covers the internet or online forums allowing people to create contacts for business as well as forming friendships. Forums also assist in providing a place where people can learn and share information on a variety of subjects. The development of sites such as Facebook and MySpace enables friends, families and colleagues to come together in the same environment to share information. Sites such as Photobucket and YouTube allow individuals to file share photographs and videos online for viewing anywhere in the world. Gaming has also been taken to a new level with the creation of virtual worlds such as Second Life and game sharing sites such as Kongregate.

The advent of these new technologies has altered the lives of many. Individuals working from home now have more of a platform to develop more effective home based businesses, organisations are now able to widen their marketing audience and friends and families are now able to keep in contact with their loved ones abroad without unnecessary worry or concern.

How has the internet and the development of Web 2.0 affected your life?

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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