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Wonder Lust & Itchy Feet Book Cover

Often clients have one-off projects on top of their regular support needs and throughout the years, we’ve been lucky to assist with a variety of projects from coordinating a book launch to attending an expo in Guangzhou, to assisting with recruiting their full-time assistant. In most cases, no projects are too big or too small.

Client Request:

Our client, asked for our help with her first book – Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet (A collection of poetry). She had requested that her publisher give her creative rights to how the book was laid out and how the cover was designed. Our client had a clear vision of the image she wanted on her book cover and worked with a photographer to capture it.

Our Support:

We were given a 154 page typed book to “spruce up”. The client’s Client Manager added headers, with the header being different on odd and even pages, sections that broke the poetry into categories (wonder, lust and itchy feet), footnotes and page numbers in the footer.

Once we had the book cover images from the photographer, our client’s Client Manager worked with our freelance Graphic Designer to create three different front book covers and one back cover. Our client selected the front cover that not only met her vision, it also captured the essence of her poetry. We worked within the strict guidelines and deadlines of her publisher, with our client’s book being released November 2011.

Wonder, Lust and Itchy Feet by Sally Dellow

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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