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1. We KNOW small business because we ARE small business.

Founder and CEO, Nicole Graham, has spent a lot of time sitting where you’re sitting right now. You’ve created a great business that you are trying to grow, and you need to find the right partner to help you take your business to the next level. You’ve done your research, read articles and blog posts, asked around on Facebook, and now you’re wondering if you have found “the one”.

Congratulations – you have!

We understand the unique needs of small businesses like yours because we are a small business and we specialize in helping small businesses flourish (psst… when we refer to small, we don’t mean in revenue or profitability, it is in relation to the size of your team). Bauhinia Solutions has been offering remote support to Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Australian based businesses since 2007.

2. We understand that your TIME is your most valuable business asset.

We understand the challenges small businesses face, and we understand that keeping your costs low and predictable is extremely important. We’ve built simple, straightforward packages that will do exactly what you need, save you money, and (most of all) save you time.

You could spend countless hours doing online research, managing tedious administrative tasks or pushing out hundreds of blog posts but we want to help you work smarter, not harder. Do what you do best, and pay us to do what we do best for you. We manage the daily grind, letting you concentrate your time and effort where it’s most needed – running and growing your business.

Your Client Manager will help you to get on top of your to-do list, maximizing every day and achieving more of what matters most.

3. You’ve got a whole TEAM behind you

Bauhinia Solutions is made up of a team of highly educated, certified, professional women . We take the ‘team’ approach very seriously and implement it when it comes to supporting your business. Each team member works to their own strengths, and collectively, we support our clients.

You will be assigned your own dedicated Client Manager. She will be your main support person but she comes with the power of the full team behind her. She is able delegate work to other team members to increase collaboration and allow for brainstorming when necessary. As a client, you benefit from the experiences and skills of the whole team.

The team approach is also useful so you are never left in the lurch if your Client Manager goes on leave. The Bauhinia team will be briefed and ready to seamlessly take over when needed.

4. We wear that HAT for you

As a small business owner, you have to wear so many different “hats” – manager, salesperson, marketer, networker, customer service rep – and each one of them takes time.

Every second you spend on your administrative and marketing tasks is time you aren’t spending generating more business. We help by lightening your load, wearing the “hats” you need us to wear and providing you with multiple skills all within one service.

We have the experience needed to wear these hats too. Our team have worked in a cross section of industries from human development, finance and insurance, telecommunications, science and technology, online publishing, and health & wellness to name a few. We have worked in large corporate organisations, as well as SME’s and start-ups in Australia, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and Asia.

There is no substitute for working with a knowledgeable and capable Client Manager you can depend on, and who can provide you with the support, experience and creativity you need.

5. We work PROACTIVELY rather than reactively.

We don’t enjoy panic or nasty surprises, and we are guessing that you don’t either. We believe that considering the future today is the best way to avoid chaos tomorrow.

With years of experience behind us, we have learned to look beyond what we are doing at this moment and see the bigger picture. This allows us to help you set up the systems and structures that your business needs to scale, expand and thrive!

Our proactive approach makes room for you to plan for and build the future business that you want, rather than relying on external forces to determine which direction you have to go in.

6. Ask our HAPPY clients

We are proud of the fact that our clients feel supported and satisfied with our service. We build long-term relationships because our driving goal is that your business will be better, stronger and more efficient for having worked with us.

Industries and Client Locations

  • Human Development (Coaching, Facilitation, Training)
  • Arts, Culture and Design
  • Investment Consultants
  • Education and Teaching
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Retail Products (Children, Jewellery, Antiques)
  • Beauty, Health and Wellness
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Authors and Online Publications
  • Technology and Security
  • Insurance and Wealth Management
  • Animals and Veterinarian Clinics
  • Networking Groups and Associations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

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Because we carefully tailor our services to each new client's unique needs, we intentionally limit the number of clients we onboard each month. To discuss your needs and how the Bauhinia team could support you in the growth of your business, book a Discover Call with our Founder and CEO, Nicole Graham.