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When Do you Upgrade Your Website?

When you have spent the time and money to plan and build a website from scratch, you want to ensure that it will continue to work for you for as long as possible. As WordPress is a work in progress, then it is advisable that you continuously update your version of the website software along with any third party apps or plug-ins.


Anyone who has a website should be concerned about online security. Hackers are seemingly able to breach any impenetrable online wall these days. However, making sure that all your plug-ins and software are up to date can help stop hackers and malware attacks in their tracks. As WordPress and app developers are constantly trying to stay ahead of hackers to ensure that your website will not be impacted by lack of security, it is recommended that you upgrade shortly after each new update is released.


Failure to update your software or plug-ins may impede the functionality of your website. It is therefore essential that you pay attention to any software or app updates in the dashboard of your WordPress website. Continuous monitoring and maintenance will ensure effective performance and showcase a commitment to your readers. As you are notified of each update automatically, you don’t have to take time out of your day to keep tabs on it. Make sure you always have a backup of your site before any software update to minimize any issues and downtime.


Your customers will come to rely on your website, blog or online store for their needs. When they see that your site is down, they can quickly become frustrated. As plug-in developers strive to ensure complete compatibility, they are always updating to remove system bugs and errors that crop up over time. If reliability and stability are important to you and you cannot afford for your website to be down, then updating the software should be high on your priority list.


Upgrading consistently will ensure that any improvements that are made to apps will be reflected on your site. Plug-ins may be released with new features that can dramatically alter the way your website works, or they could speed up the time between queries. Whatever the benefit to your business, WordPress update and plug-in upgrades will ensure you are using the latest in website and app technology and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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