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What Is an Administrative Consultant?

The Evolution of the Administrative Consultant

Many companies make use of admin clerks and secretaries. There has long been a need for people to assist businesses with administrative tasks and the sheer volume of work that can fall into this role.

In the past, many of these roles were filled by people who worked permanently for the business and sat in the offices so they could be available to source documents, file them away or physically assist in any way they were needed.

Then came ‘the cloud’ which allowed people to store important documents on cloud-based technology which meant it could be accessed from anywhere. This eliminated the need for the administrative staff to be geographically close to the office. The more people began to work remotely, the more we realised we could outsource administrative tasks and so, many businesses stopped hiring full time administrative staff and instead, outsourced the work to administrative specialists.

As the demand for these specialists grew, administrative staff started offering remote services because they saw a need for it. They observed that many businesses were struggling to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology and business methods, and they saw that these businesses needed help in order to stay afloat.

As the landscape changed, so did the role. Since the administrative staff were working with different businesses across a multitude of different industries, they were able to assess which systems worked best for which industry. They could then adapt the systems and advise the business owners on the best way to streamline and maximize efficiency.

Hence, the administrative consultant was born.

What Makes an Administrative Consultant Different?

Administrative consultants offer so much more than assistance with administration. They offer a wide range of services, from helping businesses with their paperwork and filing requirements, to helping them choose the right software and hardware for their needs. They also offer advice on how to streamline business processes and make them more efficient.
In short, administrative consultants are there to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently and to grow.

Nowadays, an Administrative Consultant is usually a seasoned professional who provides administrative and clerical support to businesses and organizations along with insightful advice. They are often self-employed or work as part of a consultant team.

Administrative Consultants are different from Virtual Assistants in that they usually have more experience and qualifications in areas such as office administration, project management, and accounting. However, like Virtual Assistants, they typically work remotely and can be hired on a project basis. If working with one or two clients, they may be overseeing an administrative team, much like your traditional Office Manager.

An Online Business Manager is the next level up, and supporting business owners who are earning high six to seven figures on a monthly basis. They oversee the whole team, whether they’re in the areas of admin, sales, marketing, or IT.

Do You Need an Administrative Consultant?

If you need assistance with administrative tasks but are not sure whether to hire a Virtual Assistant or an Administrative Consultant, consider the level of support you need and the skills required.
If you need someone to handle basic day-to-day tasks such as data entry or customer service, email management, ad hoc tasks as they pop up, a Virtual Assistant may be a good option. However, if you require more specialized support with budgeting experience, or have a larger project that needs to be managed and completed, an Administrative Consultant may be a better choice.

At Bauhinia Solutions our team has a range of experience from managing business operations for business owners who are hands off or living overseas, to general virtual assistant support.

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There are many ways we can assist you with your business administration. Feel free to schedule a call with Nicole and explore how we can support you.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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