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Using Images On Your Website

Imagine landing on a webpage that was full of text with no images to accompany the print. Unless you were particularly keen in reading wall to wall text, you will quickly lose interest and move to another website that is more pleasing to the eye. The same applies to your own website. Images are used for a reason. They help you connect with the reader and demonstrate at a glance the message you are trying to share. However, there are some tips when it comes to using images on your website that you should take into account.

Choose Suitable Images

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the reality is that it is totally dependent on the chosen image. You want to ensure that the images are suitable for your brand and not just selected because you haven’t anything else to use. Don’t choose something for the sake of it. Pick an image that supports your text and matches your brand and the message. Avoid cartoon-type images in order to maintain an air of professionalism. JPEGs are the most common types of images found online for commercial purposes as they showcase complex colors well.

Resize Images

When you are adding suitable images to your website, you may need to resize them before uploading. Bigger pictures will make the loading time last longer than necessary and can actually drive your customers away. So bear this in mind when developing your website and choosing images to showcase to your client. It is important that you strike a balance in terms of the quality of the image and do not make it too small to limit detail or clarity.

Ensure Copyright

Using your own images will guarantee 100% originality. However, stock images are more than suitable if you have nothing else to fall back on. Never take images directly from Google, other search engines, or websites, as copyright infringement can be an expensive situation to navigate. Instead, source stock photo websites which allow you to use images legally on your website without repercussion. There are many websites out there – some are free, and some bear a cost. Over time, you will discover which ones work for you.

Recommended Websites

Most images on stock photo websites are released without copyright under the Creative Commons (CC) license, however, always read the fine print before use. If you are looking for free stock photo websites, try Flickr, however, make sure you pay special attention to the variation in licenses as it can get slightly more complicated. If you are looking to pay for your images for yourself, or for your clients, iStock and Shutterstock may come in handy.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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