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Using Images On Your Blog Posts

In our previous post, Using Images on your Website, we shared some tips when it comes to using images on your website. In this post, we are discussing specifically images for your blog. Images support the words and help to break up huge volumes of text on your blog to retain the reader’s interest. Images have the ability to connect with your fans and demonstrate, at a glance, what the content is referring to. If you intend to attract more readers to your blog, then adding images is certainly a good place to start.

Branding should always be a priority

Whether your blog stands alone as an informative project or is an extension of your website, branding will still come into play. The style of your blog, your blog posts, and even your images should be a reflection of your overall branding, style and mission, and how you wish to be portrayed to the wider audience. Blog images will help build your brand’s aesthetic, and as we know from experience, consistency will help build trust in you and your reputation.

Relevance to the topic

Photos should always be carefully curated before they are added to each post. Consider whether they are relevant to the topic and enhance the story. Ask yourself if they add direct value to your words. The heading and the images are the first two things the reader will see. If there is an apparent disconnect between the two, then you risk losing them to another blog where professionalism seems a priority.

Shareable content

High-quality, well-chosen images will encourage readers to share your blog posts. If you have chosen your pictures well and decide to promote on a social media site such as Twitter or Facebook, then there is more chance of your post being shared if an image is posted. It may seem like such a little point at the time of your blogging, but your efforts will pay off.

Maintain consistency

Whether you add words to your images or resize them, consistency should always remain the priority. You want to maintain a unique identity on your blog through your words and images, so decide on the size, color or style and stick to it.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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