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COVID-19 has forced upon us many unseen challenges that we were unaware of until now. We have been forced to compromise, adjust and adapt. eLearning has seen a sudden boost during this period. It has become very convenient for teachers and students to learn from any part of the globe.

Below are some futuristic e-learning trends of 2021: 

  1. Adaptive learning- eLearning resources are very beneficial for the students. However, each student has his/her own needs and capabilities. Therefore, you must customize the resources and the education material for each student by assessing them and determining their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Video learning- Your students can learn best when their learning material involves vocals, videos, and practical demonstrations. However, the resources included only the vocals, i.e., lecture/note-taking format, for a long time. Therefore, from instructional videos to video-based lectures, you must incorporate and improve video learning in your education system.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) – AI has been integrated into various global platforms and softwares. Therefore, you must also integrate AI in your eLearning systems to guide the students through courses and deliver personalization.
  4. Microlearning- Many people like to widen their horizons by learning and gaining knowledge. However, some people may be afraid of learning everything in one go. Therefore, you must break down your lectures and modules into parts. It will help them to understand and retain everything better.
  5. Gamification- You must try to make learning exciting and fun for your students through gamification. However, you may be afraid that it can affect their education. You should not worry as it will allow the students to immediately apply the learning and engage in a real environment, improving retention and grades.
  6. Mobile learning- Many years ago, you could think of using your mobiles only for making calls. However, over time, mobiles evolved into smartphones, and today you can do everything on mobile from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you must ensure that your eLearning system incorporates mLearning and is mobile-friendly, too.
  7. Learning management systems- eLearning may seem easy. However, organizing and managing it can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, you must integrate learning management systems (LMS) in your eLearning process to effectively develop and manage the courses.
  8. Learning & Development- Learning Management Systems are essential to make eLearning a smooth experience. However, they go beyond planning and implementing the courses. They contribute to learning & development by measuring every individual’s performance against the organization’s goals. They also help to analyze various factors and the effectiveness of a course/lesson.   

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