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The Benefits of Last Pass

Having just one password for everything is just not feasible for multiple reasons, and that’s where an app like LastPass, a password manager, can come in handy. We all know that trying to brainstorm new passwords can be problematic especially when companies regularly require original passwords or advise you to create a new set of passwords because of a suspected hack or leak. And, of course, this makes having to remember all the various passwords more complicated than ever. If you are not familiar with a platform manager such as LastPass, then we recommend you try it out.

LastPass can help you come up with complicated passwords

LastPass can present you with a tool so you can generate passwords of various lengths. No more trying to wrack your brains in coming up with another variation on your first pet, first boyfriend or favorite type of food. It will allow you to create passwords with special characters that are virtually impossible to hack.

LastPass can save your passwords online

Your online security is crucial to everything that you do – your shopping, your banking, your identity. With LastPass, you just have to remember one password, your login for LastPass, and their app can do the rest. With easy online access to your stored password information with simple search features, it allows you to keep all of those passwords unique, so you don’t have to reset them time and time again.

LastPass offers plugin support and mobile apps

Making use of Chrome extensions can make things easier, as once you are logged in, it can autofill all the fields for you, even on the most complicated of forms. The same applies to mobile apps on Android or Apple devices. This autofilling can save time, and in the cases where it is not available, it’s just a copy and paste to access. No big deal in the scheme of things. It can even work on multiple devices. Just install the add-on and log-in.

LastPass offers password Sharing Center

For those accounts that require multiple sign-ins, the Sharing Center can be a huge help. It can block access, allow others to log in without sharing the password or give others full access to all. When you make a change to a shared account, then all users will be accepted automatically on the next log-in without the need to advise individual users of changes.

LastPass offers strong encryption against hackers

LastPass knows how vital your passwords are to everything you do online; therefore they use vault-like encryption with optional two-factor or multi-factor authentication. And only you can access the information because it is sent to LastPass in an encrypted form offering extra security and peace and mind.

Writing down your passwords is a practice we would never recommend for many reasons. As LastPass offers a range of free and paid versions, it is worth checking out and seeing the benefits for yourself.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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