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Templates for Business Development

It can be difficult for clients to articulate what support they need because from an administrative perspective, there are a lot of little tasks that crop up every now and then. Sure, there are the regular tasks such as sending invoice, chasing overdue accounts, replying to client enquiries, etc. The odd tasks that pop up can be redesigning templates, creating a frequently asked questions documents, sourcing Christmas cards, etc.

Client Request:

Our client had been through a rebranding exercise. They had updated their website, re-written their website content, and needed to upgrade their business development documents which included their proposal template, and their presentation deck. The client reached out and asked if we could redevelop their templates for business development, and we were happy to do so.

Our Support:

Our client provided us with their current business development templates, and we:

  • Used their newly designed website for inspiration.
  • Restructured their proposal so it flowed from introduction, through terms of service, to next steps.
  • Re-wrote their proposal content using their website content for inspiration.
  • Re-designed their proposal to be more visual and less text heavy.
  • Added their terms of service into their proposal rather than it being a separate document.
  • Restructured their presentation to follow a particular flow used at BNI meetings.
  • Shortened the content in their presentation.
  • Re-designed their presentation to include more visual interest such as timelines, organisational charts, graphs etc.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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