Meet Sylvia Pan

Sylvia Pan

Virtual Assistant

Born in Hong Kong, Sylvia Pan moved to Dallas when she was just 13 years old, and stayed in the United States through university. She can seamlessly transition the East-West divide and has proven instrumental in helping expat-led small businesses position themselves for the local community in Hong Kong.

Sylvia’s background includes 20 years in East-to-West Export and managing contracts with major retailers, as well as Client Services and Project Management. She has extensive experience in Consumer Goods from clothing and textiles to housewares, gifts, and novelty.

Outside of the export industry, Sylvia was an Executive Assistant to a busy Director and assisted in the development and management of various startups and projects ranging from mobile app development, branding and distribution of consumer products, development of restaurants, and commodities trading. It was there she discovered her passion for small business and learned she enjoyed the ever-changing demands of startups. A winning combination, Sylvia is flexible and easy-going, and seeks opportunities to learn and grow.

Sylvia’s Career Highlights include:

  • Developing and manufacturing exclusive lines of signature decorative porcelain ware and hand painted wooden furniture for major department stores such as Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Linens ‘N Things, Disney, etc.
  • Duplicating and manufactured collections of Chinese antique porcelain vases in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts for their merchandise catalog.
  • Launching, operating, and selling a successful e-commerce store from 2000-2005 – that was some groundbreaking stuff back then!
  • Working with Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, to develop a line of licensed dog grooming products.
  • Working with Master Chef Martin Yan on developing and manufacturing his own line of licensed products for Yan Can Cook.

Sylvia holds a degree in Marketing from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Putonghua/Mandarin, with a basic knowledge of Shanghainese

Sylvia supports, and is a great support, to Nicole and the rest of the Bauhinia Team. She likes being helpful to the whole team, and especially likes the technical elements of WordPress and posting on social media.


The Inside Scoop:

Here’s a few things about Sylvia’s life that you won’t find in her bio.

  • Sylvia’s family moved from Hong Kong to Dallas in 1980 when she was 13 and was one of only three Chinese girls attending Highland Park High School.
  • She loves animals and at one time had 7 dogs in Hong Kong.
  • She loves to take on tasks around the house and enjoys nothing better than tinkering in the kitchen and around the house.  Sylvia painted her 1800 sq. ft. apartment all by herself a few years ago!


Curious To Know More?

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