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Sorting Regulatory Paperwork

If we’re supporting our clients with administration support, in most cases, there are some repetitive tasks that need to be completed either daily, weekly, or monthly. These tasks vary from diary management, answering customer service emails to completing specific forms, generating reports and entering petty cash receipts.

Client Request:

Our client is the first to admit he’s not great with the finer details of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. He had been struggling with all the paperwork that he had to submit to a regulatory body upon signing new clients. As a newly formed business, he thought he could do himself, however, due to not being great with the details, his paperwork we being returned without being processed and he was spending more time trying to fix errors and understand what was missing. When he discovered our services he immediately jumped on the chance to utilise our admin skills.

Our Support:

We spent some time with our client understanding all the legal jargon and sorting regulatory paperwork requirements. Then we contacted the regulatory body and asked for guidance on the errors that had previously been made. As we were learning we were also creating standard operating procedures for each step, as there were a number of forms, documentation and signatures required. We also created templates, rather than recreating a new document each time.

Within the first month we had cleared the outstanding backlog, and within two months had created a clear step by step procedure that could be followed, even if you were completely new to the industry. The SOP also helped our client with what he needed to do from his side of the process.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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