Do you find yourself repeating the same functions on in your word processing, over and over? I do. Cut, copy and paste are the ones I use the most, and if I had to use my right mouse key every time I needed to do it, I may not be up to writing this article yet!

Lucky for us, computer programmers have provided us with a huge number of what are known as ‘shortcut keys’, where we can use the keys on our keyboards to quickly and efficiently replicate the right click functions on our mouses, or the longer page top functions in programs, in much less time.

You can Google reams of shortcut key functions, however I’ve provided a list of the most popular and most used ones for you here. These will work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs. These are the ones it pays to memorize – you’ll find yourself using them all the time and you’ll be surprised at how much time you save and the dramatic increase in your productivity.

I recommend you visit the site, Computer Hope.  It offers a number of different cheat sheets for shortcut keys, including shortcuts for Macs.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll finding yourself wanting some of these keys available for use in real life! Something gets in your way… CTRL + X… All gone! Waiting in a queue? HOME… And you’re at the beginning of the line. I’m yet to find anyone with the ultimate key though – the EDIT UNDO. If you manage to find that one, please let me know.

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