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Sending Invoices for Clients

Our speciality is working with individual business owners who do not have their own team to support them. We support our clients in many different ways, and one way is helping them to invoice their clients.

Client Request:

To assist with her invoicing because she often gets so caught up with providing the service, meeting with clients, and other project work, that she forgets or invoices late.

Our Support:

We set up a process for when a client enters into a contract with their own clients, we create a 50% deposit invoice in their accounting system, Xero Accounting (some of our clients use Wave Financial). Upon the approval from our client, we send the invoice via Xero, to the relevant parties. When the service is complete (and we tend to know the schedule of this client), we will create the final invoice for the remaining 50%, plus any expenses that are to be reimbursed, and send it to the relevant parties.

The client has her bank account syncing with Xero so we can check when payments are received, and apply it to the appropriate invoice, and reconcile the bank account.

Taking on this responsibility for the client has helped her immensely. Her clients are happy they are invoicing them in a timely manner, and her bank account is healthy. She no longer stresses about having to invoice her clients.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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