Meet Rivky Ryder

Rivky Ryder

Client Manager | Client Services and Marketing Professional

A lover of all things digital. Communication specialist who has worked in a full-service digital agency. Enjoys supporting clients from all backgrounds.

Rivky Ryder supports a cross section of entrepreneurs in a variety of service-based industries.

After graduating from university, Rivky entered the digital marketing industry and has never looked back. Beginning as Client Liaison/Customer Service for a full-service digital agency, Rivky quickly settled into the rapidly evolving Social Media space. After less than six months at the company, Rivky was tasked with setting up and managing the small but growing Social Media department.

Having honed her skills in the social media arena, Rivky moved on to roles that allowed her to broaden her skills which included website overhauls and comprehensive online marketing strategies. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of assisting clients with their online needs, whether they were creative or functional, and especially enjoys when it is both.

Following her love of all things digital, Rivky made the transition from social media and web management to data and analytics. As the sole Client Liaison and Trainer for a Melbourne based data intelligence solutions company, Rivky worked remotely, based in South Africa.

Having the experience of working in the corporate, agency and remote working environments behind her, Rivky is primed and ready to handle any new challenges presented to her. She is adaptable, dynamic and efficient. Rivky drawing on her wide range of expertise while supporting her clients.

Rivky’s career highlights include:

  • Developing and running the social media department in her first official role – after only six months of being at the company. Growing the department to its fullest potential before leaving to explore new challenges.
  • Managing an impressive portfolio of FMCG brands’ Social Media presence for Africa’s largest branded food services franchisor.
  • Being promoted to full service Digital Manager.
  • Being named the Johannesburg region Client Liaison in her previous company.

Rivky has a Communication Science degree from the University of Johannesburg. She grew up in South Africa and moved to Hong Kong with her husband in 2018.

Areas of Expertise

  • Client Liaison / Customer Services
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting / Editing

Software and Systems

  • Microsoft Office | G-Suite
  • Teamwork Projects and Spaces
  • Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
  • Hubspot | Trello
  • Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

The Inside Scoop:

  • Rivky is the youngest of seven children and is the proud aunt to 31 nieces and nephews located all over the world. 
  • Rivky grew up in a traditional Orthodox Jewish home and although she has chosen a different lifestyle, remains close to her family.
  • Rivky has lived in South Africa, Israel, Miami and now Hong Kong. She loves immersing herself into new cultures and learning about the world – especially through food.
  • A lover of languages, Rivky can speak English, Afrikaans and Hebrew and has plans to begin studying Mandarin.
  • Together with her husband Andrew, Rivky loves traveling. They have been fortunate to see a lot of the world and hope to continue being able to travel and explore.
  • She has a dream to publish her own book one day so if you ever see her out and about, ask her why she hasn’t started yet 😉

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