As part of our ongoing administration support, we sometimes find ourselves being asked to redesign client’s marketing materials. We take on the work only after we understand the clients need, and that they want to be able to edit the document in the future, without having to engage in a professional Graphic Designer.

Client Request:

Our client asked us to take an older Microsoft Word flyer for Team Mission and give it a makeover.

Our Support:

The makeover involved designing a new header, enhanced the photos, and reorganised the layout.

We don’t normally create flyers using Word, however the client wanted to be able to update information as they needed to and because it was a simple, one page flyer it was easy to create using Microsoft Word.

Team Mission Flyer

Bauhinia Solutions Flower

There are many ways we can assist you with your business administration or marketing needs. Feel free to schedule a call with Nicole and explore how we can support you.

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