Meet Rajshree Chirkut

Rajshree Chirkut

Client Manager / Customer Service

Repeatedly recognized as a top performer and rising star, Rajshree Chirkut thrives on challenges and new opportunities – and isn’t happy until she’s crushed it! Her biggest challenge is being easily bored, but that is never a problem as she manages tight deadlines for Bauhinia’s diverse clientele. Give her an Excel spreadsheet and ask her to analyse or create graphs, and she’s in her element.

Rajshree’s experience from years managing high pressure, high performance corporate teams in the financial industry, enables her to deliver high-level, professional support to her clients. With over 10 years in Corporate Accounts and Sales Support, she understands the nuances of consumer customer service and the unique needs of communicating and maintaining relationships with corporate clients.

Rajshree prides herself on working with integrity and striving to deliver the highest levels of performance. Her greatest strength lies in her agility, ever adaptable and ready to take on new, challenging assignments. Rajshree also has strong research skills, not only allowing her to provide quality research support to her clients, but empowering her to immerse herself in new industry sectors with knowledge and insight.

Some of Rajshree’s career highlights are:

  • Started as a receptionist and rose through the ranks to Corporate Credit Manager.
  • Identified as a top performer – selected to attend the New Managers Program at the Univerisity of Cape Town.
  • Identified as a high potential employee – selected to attend the company’s leadership program, MTN Flight.
  • Constantly tasked to take over problematic areas within the organisation.

Rajshree’s positive work ethic and continuous self-improvement philosophy is demonstrated every day as she continues to pursue new skills and expand her knowledge base through further professional training and real-world work experience.

She supports a cross section of women entrepreneurs in the wellness, technology, and consulting industries, specialising in general administration and event admin assistance.

The Inside Scoop:

Here’s a few things about Rajshree’s life that you won’t find in her bio.

  • Rajshree really enjoys mediation, and finds this a way of relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.
  • She has a love of watching and listening to Bollywood movies and music.
  • You might also find her enjoying the pitter-patter against her window as she loves listening to rain.
  • Born and raised in South Africa, Rajshree and her family moved to Hong Kong in 2015.

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