Each week, SmartCompany gets to talk to two of Australia’s best SME entrepreneurs for their ‘Entrepreneur Zone’ and ‘How I’ features. Here is a short overview of one entrepreneurial quirky marketing move that caught my eye.

Marketing a start-up is always a hard task, but Brenton Foale of independent rental store Popcorn Video managed to score a record day in revenue by using an unusual technique: the undead. In order to promote the release of Hollywood film Zombieland, Foale decided to throw a socalled “Zombie March”.

This simple event, marketed through Facebook, drew a crowd of over 500 people and significantly increased Foale’s customer base.

Thinking outside the box, Popcorn Video found a sweet spot with the combination of pop culture and social media.  You may find the sweet spot the first time, and if no, keep trying.  You just never know what will go viral.

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