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Project Profitability Reporting

Our founder, Nicole Graham has a wealth of business experience. She is often asked by clients to assist them with strategic support, which is outside of our standard scope of support services.

Client Request:

Our client had been tracking the conversion of sales leads for a project, however, hadn’t been tracking the profitability of it. To be able to report back into key stakeholders, she wanted to create a project profitability report. To get this started, she consulted with Nicole and explained what she had been doing, and what she’d like to be reporting.

Our Support:

Nicole worked through the existing process herself, identifying areas that worked along with areas that needed clarification or tweaking. She then created a process for better tracking of sales leads and the conversion of those leads. To help with better recording of leads, Nicole organised for the client’s Client Manager to automatically receive specific emails from the project website. This eliminated the Client Manager having to continually ask the client for the information.

Once that sales lead process was in place, she identified the project start up costs as well as the ongoing costs and listed them into a spreadsheet for monthly tracking. For the variable costs that related back to the sales leads, Nicole created automatic calculations that limited errors in the reporting. Once the process had been set up, Nicole created a Standard Operating Procedure for any one on the team to use.

The project profitability reporting is now managed on a quarterly basis by the client’s Client Manager.

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There are many ways we can assist you with your business administration or marketing needs. Feel free to schedule a call with Nicole and explore how we can support you.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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