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Part 2: Does Banner Advertising Work?

In our previous post we discussed, what is banner advertising?. In this post, we discuss does it work.

Banner advertising can be an effective method to promote both your business and brand awareness if all the necessary factors are met.  I can advise however, adding an unprofessional looking banner to an unrelated website in order to advertise your services will meet none of these requirements, and be a total waste of your efforts.

In order to meet the continuity of your branding requirements, make sure the banner or banners encompass the logo, colour and overall feel of your website.  If you do not have the necessary graphic skills to create a professional looking banner then it is certainly worth paying the money to have someone create them for you.  Obvious home-made banners will not inspire confidence in those interested in your product or service and will lessen your CTR (click through rate) effectiveness.  Opt for packages which offer a variety of designs in a range of shapes and sizes so you are prepared when sourcing your ad placement.

The second most important factor for an effective banner advertising program is advertising relevance.  If you are promoting a website aimed at women then it is pointless advertising on a website which attracts men and vice versa.  Know your target audience and find websites which attract that audience.  Alternatively advertise on websites in which your target audience may visit in order to find the service or product you are promoting.

Weighing in the cost of the advertising will help you make decisions about the effectiveness of the advertising you do, although this information is only generally discovered after the event.  However, it will help you plan any future advertising promotions from that point forward.  Smaller websites may charge less and be more suitable for start up businesses not particularly concerned with the number of visitors who may view the site.  Businesses looking to expand their customer base may have to dig deeper into their pocket to place banners on more popular sites in order to reach a wider target audience.

Research, patience and a little trial and error will pave the way to a better understanding of banner advertising and ultimately create a program which works for you.

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Written by: Elizabeth Loennborn


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