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Part 1: What is Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising is a form of advertising on the Internet and entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. The purpose of banner advertising is usually to increase awareness of the advertiser’s brand, service or product – just like an advertisement in a magazine. A banner advertisement is usually linked to the advertiser’s website or web page.

We have all seen banner advertising and probably been generally annoyed by it at times – or perhaps you simply tune it out. I have heard time and time again, “I don’t know why anyone ever places a banner ad anymore; I just ignore them.” or “I’ve never clicked one.” Well, I’ll tell you why – statistically, they still work. Also, with new algorithms continually being developed, you have probably noticed that the ads that are being delivered to your screen are now more relevant and engaging than ever before, they are working better than ever before! You have probably seen it most noticeably on facebook (and maybe been a bit creeped out by it)… you do a quick airfare search for a weekend getaway. By some presumably psychic-code-driven connection, your feed is instantly filled with hotel ads at the desired location. Spooky? Nope. Targeted.

Fact is, regardless of your personal feelings about banner advertising, they aren’t going anywhere, and if you run a small business/SME – banners will offer you a lot of bang for your buck, in more ways than one.

This article is the first of four, so stay tuned and check back in for updates.

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Written by: Elizabeth Loennborn


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