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Original Content Please

The need for original content on your website extremely important particularly because Google constantly improves their search engine process.  Businesses that rely on copying other websites for text or have no original content on their site ranked low on the Google scale.  Back in 2011 Google updated their algorithms in order to go up against link farms (sites which contain a seemingly endless amount of useless links) as well as sites of low quality content.  Websites such as article farms which mainly carry content that is duplicated from other sites were hit hard.

Here are some some things that you can do in order to ensure your site is not be affected by the Google search algorthims:

  • Always ensure that your text is original and not duplicated on every site possible.
  • Try to stay away from articles which are published and released with no discretion as you really have no idea of the number of sites on which they appear.   Instead seek out sources for original content or at the very least, update wording so that some of the text could be considered fresh.
  • Revisit parts of your website which you may have ignored and improve the content.
  • Redirect your focus on keyword (and similar term) density to try to improve your rankings.

I recently had a discussion with a number of small businesses owners and found it interesting that the majority of them had no idea how to check the page rank on their website.  The process is extremely simple.  Visit the Google PageRank Checker and enter your website and voila!

Regardless of whether any of Google’s changes will affect you directly, you cannot go wrong with continuously maintaining the quality and content of your site.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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