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Mindful Parenting Workshop Flyer

As part of our support services, we are often asked to create editable flyers for upcoming workshops or training programs our clients are planning to run. In most cases we used PowerPoint because it allows enough flexibility to use images, split the page, or manipulate the positioning of content, and if the client wanted to, they can also edit the content later down the track.

Client Request:

Our client asked to us to create a one-page flyer that she could 1) use to share on social media, 2) to download from her website, and 3) email to her current clients.

Our Support:

For any work we do, we always make sure the work with do is on brand, which means using the company colours, fonts, and standard imagery. We created an editable flyer because in this case, our client runs this workshop once or twice a year, which means we need to change the dates and possibly the location every time she schedules the next workshop.



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Written by: Nicole Graham


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