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Managing Customer Service Emails

Our speciality is working with individual business owners who do not have their own team to support them. We support our clients in many different ways, and one way is managing their customer service email inquiries on a part-time basis.

Client Request:

When our client’s events coordinator resigned, she reached out to us and asked if we could manage the email inquiry-side of the role. The person leaving had been in the role for a long time and worked in the office. We did have some reservations because all the coordination was done manually – no templates, frequently asked questions, and the diary was on paper. We agreed to trial the support service, allowing our client the time to assess whether she needed to hire another person or continue to outsource it to us.

Our Support:

In consultation with our client’s team, we developed standard email templates for the most common inquiries and questions, as well as internal and external FAQ documents. We moved the paper diary into Google Calendar and this allowed everyone on the team to view confirmed and potential event bookings. With our client often traveling, this allowed for her to view what events were being held from wherever she was. All event information went into the calendar entry and we used colour coding to indicate when an event was an inquiry, confirmed, and finalised. Using Google Calendar it allows us to look at future bookings in advance and identify where the team needed to do more promotions. As part of our process, we also created and sent invoices, and chased outstanding payments. Over the 8 months of supporting our client, the business picked up, and with the growth, it was time for her to hire someone who could manage it full-time. We were able to hand over the role with all the SOPs, templates and systems in place, which made it easier for onboarding the new person.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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