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Logo Design for Football Friends Forever

In the early days of Nicole being a Virtual Assistant (before she rebranded to Bauhinia Solutions), Nicole took on ad-hoc projects and worked with freelancers, such as graphic designers and copywriters, to produce a variety of work that included printable brochures and flyers, and business logos.

Client Request:

Our client was a teacher participating in an online marketing program. She was starting a new online business that would allow her to supplement her teacher’s salary and hopefully one day offer her the freedom to work from home. She asked us to take her idea and turn it into a professional looking logo.

Our Support:

Our Graphic Designer, Melanie took her business concept and converted into a circular logo. The circle represents a football (also known as a soccer ball), the squiggly lines could be seen as shoe laces, or 3 F’s to represent “football friends forever”, or 3 infinity symbols representing the “forever”.

Here is the end result and it was better than our client had imagined. We then gave her the same logo with the face in multiple colours.

Football Friends Forever Logo

Bauhinia Solutions Flower

If you require assistance with your business administration or marketing, schedule a call with Nicole to discuss your needs.

Updated: we no longer have a Graphic Designer on our team, and therefore, no longer provide logo design. Instead, we happily recommend Derek Hannah from Thyme Design Associates. If you would like a personal introduction to Derek, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@bauhiniasolutions.com, we’d be delighted to introduce you.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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