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Keep Your Profile Page Up-To-Date

When was the last time you updated your profile online?

1. Your Profile Page

Your ‘About’ page is generally one of the most read pages on your website particularly in the early stages of business transactions.  Generally the page will be penned just prior to the website going live and it will never be revisited.

If you look at the path a business may take from the time of creation and follow the course – sometimes it is not as linear as it may seem from the outset. Often a new focus or direction is undertaken at some point, however the About Us page is never updated to take these changes into account.

Changing the text on your page will also benefit you in terms of your Google ranking as the search engines loves new content, particularly when it is of high content worth.

The time or the money you spend on your About Us page is certainly worth it. Think of your page as a 24 hour advertisement about your company that is continuously being aired. Freshen it up from time to time and if you are stuck for content – think about a couple of well placed comments from satisfied customers which can often speak volumes.

It is important that this page reflects who you are as a business, what your company represents – even down to your core value and beliefs – as these are things which make your organisation identifiable from others. Give your potential clients just enough information they need to make the decision that you are indeed the person they should be speaking to.

The people who read the About Us page are ultimately looking to get to know you better, looking to see if you are approachable and most of all trustworthy.

2. Social Media Profiles

Your professional social media profiles, the ones potential clients could be viewing should reflect you and your business.  The message you share here should be aligned with the message on your website.

Your logo should be displayed and if not, make sure you’re using the same photo consistently in all profiles.  The consistency will help your readers and visitors relate to you because they’re seeing you in different places and you look the same each and every time.

Don’t forget places such as online forums, message boards and membership sites.

Ready, Set, Go!  Same message, same photo!

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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