Meet Josie Chan

Josie Chan

Client Manager | Executive Assistance and Administration

In-depth SME administration with a systematic and detail-oriented approach. Native Cantonese, Fluent in English and Mandarin. Read and types Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Josie Chan supports a handful of SMEs who do business in China, and needs multi-lingual business support.

With over 10 years’ experience in administration, executive assistance, and customer service, Josie has provided a full spectrum of administrative support to business owners, directors, corporate trainers, and clinical psychologists. Through these experiences, she has learned to communicate with a diverse range of clients, understanding the dynamics of cross-culture and cross-generation management mindset.

While working for an event and venue company, Josie learned to work independently, managing all aspects of the operations from processing bookings, liaising with clients, marketing cultural events at the venue, to general accounts payable/receivables, managing a small team, and assisting with event planning for clients.

Josie worked for a number of years in the training and consulting field. During this time, she assisted and coordinated the delivery of leadership, management training, and consulting projects to corporations in finance and banking, healthcare service, retail, trading and manufacturing, public utilities in Hong Kong and overseas.

Well organized, detail minded, Josie strives for excellence by being an effective communicator, innovative problem-solver, with a business mindset.

Some of Josie’s career highlights are:

  • Starting out as a recreational officer in a private club house, she progressed in her career to coordinating with large projects related to leadership and change management.
  • Acquired extensive experience working in a variety of industries, and a diverse range of people, from large corporate organisations to individual business owners.

Josie’s positive work ethic and continuous self-improvement philosophy is demonstrated every day as she continues to pursue new skills and expand her knowledge base through further professional training and real-world work experience.

Josie grew up and was educated in Hong Kong.

Areas of Expertise

  • Event Management
  • Project Management 
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Chinese Copywriting
  • I.T. Project Coordination
  • Online Marketin
  • Account Receivables and Payable
  • General Bookkeeping

Software and Systems

  • Microsoft Office | G-Suite
  • Teamwork Project and Spaces
  • Adobe Photoshop | Illustrator
  • WordPress | Joomla | Wix
  • Mailchimp

The Inside Scoop:

Here’s a few things about Josie’s life that you won’t find in her bio.

  • Josie is a Hongkonger who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and likes to work with people from different cultures.
  • As a mum to two boys, Josie has educated herself with a lot of different parenting techniques including some child psychology. From her own experience, she has found that the most important way to raise children is by “being with them”.
  • She is a book lover, and also loves writing. Josie didn’t realize she had the talent in Chinese writing until she started receiving praise and awards for her articles.
  • Josie has played piano since the age of 8, and she enjoys every opportunity to play music with her friends.

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