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Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

If there is one trend we’ve seen gain universal traction, it is that people are relying more and more on mobile devices when accessing the internet. Stats from our clients running Google Analytics show that there are more visits to websites from smartphones than from desktop and tablet computers combined.

A recent study from Neilsen backs this up, showing smartphone usage has increased by 4% annually, whilst desktop usage dropped by 2%. In other studies, it has shown that 52% of web traffic worldwide is mobile (Statistia, 2020) and Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic (Jody Nimetz Co., 2018).

And to highlight even more the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, 57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive. (Sweor, 2017).

So, with the rise of the smartphone and the tablets, is your website mobile-friendly?

Here are a few ways to check.

  • Does your actual website work on a smartphone? If you’re looking at launching a new site, our sister company, Start Smart, can set you up with a simple and mobile-friendly website.
  • Is everything readable on a small screen? Key information needs to be bold or large enough to be easily read without reading glasses. If you’re having to zoom in to read information on your mobile, it means your website isn’t mobile ready.
  • Does your page load fast enough? Customers won’t thank you for chewing through all their mobile data, so make sure images aren’t overwhelmingly big, and your site isn’t too fussy. To be considerate with image loading, it is best to optimise them so that they are small in size, and name them accordingly for the vision impaired who use screen readers.

It’s well worth taking a few moments out of your day to visit your website as if you were a potential customer, or ask a couple of friends to look at your site on their mobiles and tablets. This will give you great insight into how people perceive your site using their mobile devices.

Alternatively, utilise our Website Audit package… having an objective set of eyes might help spot things you’ve missed, plus we can help fine-tune your web presence and make sure it is smartphone perfect!

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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