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HR Templates and Policies

It is not uncommon for clients to outgrow our support, and we celebrate the success of our client because from a support perspective, we have contributed to the client’s growth. On the flip side, due to the type of work we do and the teams background, it’s not unusual for business owners to reach out and ask for specialists help in the areas of HR, Documenting Standard Operating Procedures and Systematization.

Client Request:

Our client’s business had been steadily growing over a period of 10 years and it got to a point where she realised she needed a little more structure for her full-time team. Having worked on and off with Nicole since 1999 (initially working side-by-side for a training company in Melbourne, Australia), our client reached out and asked if we could help her to create relevant HR templates and policies.

Nicole was very familiar with our client’s business and team structure so she spent some time in consultation with our client and her team. During their strategy session, it was identified that position descriptions and an employee’s guide related to annual leave, sick leave, working conditions etc were needed.

Our Support:

Nicole facilitated a one-day workshop with the client’s team on creating their own individual position descriptions. They started with template, and at the beginning of the day, each team member was asked to write a draft of their own position description. Once completed, the managers and direct reports sat together to evaluate, update and approve their PD’s. As a result of the workshop, people were able to share what they liked about their role, the tasks they found challenging, and we were able to identify any training needs or if a specific task would be suited to someone else due to their role, skills, and business knowledge.

After the workshop, Nicole went on to draft ‘Employee Handbook’ outlining company policies and processes related to working hours, sick leave, annual leave, closing the office, confidentiality, protection of property and intellectual property, working in the warehouse etc.

The templates and handbook are still used today.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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