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Have You Thought About An eBook?

If you work in a niche field or are an expert on a subject and want to share your advice or the information you have learned, then it is possible that an eBook may suit your requirements. An eBook is a perfect way to platform your thoughts and opinions and show you off as an expert in your field, while at the same time giving you another marketing stream to promote your current business, and possibly launch your online program.

eBooks are certainly not new to the marketplace although at least two out of three eBooks currently on the market are certainly not worth the money you pay for them. In order to stand out in the eBook crowd, you need to have researched your particular topic to a) find out if people would want to read it and b) would they be willing to part with their hard earned cash in order to purchase your eBook.

A habit which many eBook writers fall prey to is the fact that much of the information they write about is quite generalised. In order to be differentiated from the majority of eBook authors, make the information relevant and interesting to your reader as well as specific and to the point. A purchaser will usually want to learn something from a non-fiction book and an eBook is certainly no different.

The reader will also be concerned with the fact that the eBook is worth the retail price they paid. Many eBooks can be scanned in less than five minutes and this is a waste of time for both the writer and reader. An eBook should be no different to a regular book in terms of the research and time you spend putting it together. Plan it out step by step using a detailed Table of Contents and this way you have more of a focus for your writing.

If you struggle with the writing aspect, many ghostwriters or companies who offer eBook writing services will be able to assist both in the writing or the proofreading and editing aspect of your book. Your finished eBook ultimately should be something that you are proud to sell and promote with your head held high.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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