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Google Search Operators

In the previous post, Search Tips for Google we explained how to use two of the Boolean Searches – AND and OR? That was just a warm up! Today, we are introducing you to some more commonly used Google Search Operators. If you want to enhance your searching possibilities, spend some time on the followings:

1. Related:

Results of similar contents to the website specified by the URL after the related: operator will be shown. Beware that it should not have space between the operator and the URL.


  • related:support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433?hl=en

(More sites related to Google search operators will be displayed.)

2. Link:

The link: operator can be used for quick searches for pages being directed to a certain domain. This is not a thorough search action for all the pages linked to the specified URL, but a general one. Beware that it should not have space between the operator and the URL.


  • link:www.bauhiniasolutions.com/

(Web sites created by us have been found because most sites have a link pointing to our homepage.)

3. Define:

Google can filter out all kinds of definition for any terms specified after the define: operator. This is based on having a concentrated dictionary bank. Beware that it should not have space between the operator and the URL.


  • define:business

(results will show literally the meanings of Business.)

4. Quotation Marks “….”

Words between the Quotation Marks will be searched as a phrase in the exact order. With this tool you can search using a phrase, not just one word. Phrases can be part sentences or something like the song lyrics or a quote.


  • “Minds are like parachutes”

(You may get the rest part of this specific quote, its origin and speaker, instead of a passage with words located randomly and individually.)

5. Parentheses (….)

Results will first process the command enclosed in the Parentheses, then the words outside using other operators.


  • (virtual OR online) AND assistant

(System will show the sites or files with the word virtual or online or both of them first, then sort out those with assistant from the found ones.)

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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