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Google Adwords Management

As part of our Premium Support package, we assist client’s with their digital marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords management, banner advertising, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Client Request:

One of our clients had previously been managing her Google Ads on their own and enlisted our services to put a more professional spin on her advertising strategies.

Our Support:

We took over the management of our client’s adwords account on the 1st April 2015. In this instance, we began the process of audience investigation – running different ads at different times, and changing messaging to test what resonated with the audience. We worked in 3-week trial sprints over six months to optimize the ads, make changes, and gather data, which we would then measure and compare through engagement and ad spend. This support utilized approximately 5 hours of support time, monthly.

Over the first six months, we learned some interesting things about the audience. Previously, following conventional wisdom, ads were ‘shut off’ during the ‘wee hours’ and ‘turned on’ from 8:00am to 10:00pm, in an effort to maximize ad spend to a targeted audience. However, by target testing over several months, we realized that the best ad engagement came just after midnight – in this instance – because the ad spoke quite specifically to people who were unable to get to sleep. Certainly, by all other targeting standards – location, age, socioeconomic status, etc. they should have been sleeping – the fact was it was precisely when they couldn’t get to sleep that they were more likely to click through to the website. This was a huge lesson and also then, allowed us to tweak the messaging to speak more directly to the issues that were keeping them awake.

Google Adwords Management

Within six months, we were able to cut the average cost per click in half, while more than doubling the click through rate. More customers to the site for the same amount of money – not bad for a campaign that runs on a budget of only $100 HKD per day!

Updated: 1st April 2016

Twelve months on, we have further leveraged these and other learnings to target everything from wording to image selection, and what works at different times of year. The client’s business has gone from being booked only two days per week to having a waiting list for their services.

The ad strategy has also reached a new level of maturity which we are excited to explore during our second year of support – spending more on per-customer acquisition – focusing on quality over quantity – a true luxury in advertising and a sure sign of success.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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