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Formatting Financial Slides

We are often given raw, not yet formatted PowerPoint presentations and asked make the slides look professional. We are all too familiar with the term ‘death by PowerPoint’ so we try to be a little creative and use more visuals than keeping to the tradition of bullet pointed text.

Client Request:

Our client was presenting a full day workshop for that was coordinated with a Chinese University and a Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. He had developed the workshop, mapped out his slides on a Word document and asked his Client Manager to create a professional presentation.

Our Support:

The client didn’t have any particular branding he needed to use so we kept the colours to traditional business colours of reds and blues. The content was for non-financial managers and for non-numbers people, the content was also a little heavy and dry, so we looked at ways of making the presentation bright and visual. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and said it was beyond his expectation.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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