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Format White Papers for Alibaba.com

We are often given raw materials and asked to review, provide feedback and format them. As business support professionals, we understand the importance of clients utilising their time effectively and focusing on their service or sales conversations. When being asked if we can format documents for a client, we do consider whether we do it, or we organise, on behalf of the client, a professional graphic designer to do the task. Each situation is different, and it depends on the client’s budget, if they want to be able to edit the documents later themselves, or and how much design work is involved.

Client Request:

The marketing team at Alibaba.com Hong Kong needed six professional looking white papers. At the time their internal graphic designer was on leave and they could not wait for them to return from their leave. We were given their style guide which outlined their fonts, logo usage and company colours.

Our Support:

They wanted something that was a little creative, not just text, and editable at a later stage. To ensure all members of the team could update the content, and they were good file size for easy download, we used PowerPoint to create all six white papers. Once completed, they were shared on their Facebook page in time for their promotion.

Portfolo: Alibaba White Papers

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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