Email Management Support

Email Management Support

What if you could gain 3 hours of your day by NOT checking e-mails? What if you could hire someone else to be spend countless hours in your inbox instead of you? It would be amazing – right? This is possible!

E-mail is the last thing people let go of. Checking e-mail isn’t some amazing skill that you alone possess. In fact, checking email is like everything else: a process. We’ll work with you to develop a set of rules for how to respond to different types of emails, and help you ease your way into delegating your email management.

Our Inbox Management Services includes:

Inbox Done

Take some of your life back by usilising our ‘Inbox Done’ service. We’ll work with you to set up a process to filter, reply to, and follow up on your emails based on your preferences. Never miss an email again.

Customer Service Email

Overwhelmed by the incoming enquiries about your products or services? We’ll work with you to set up a FAQ document that allows us to field those incoming emails for you.

Multiple Inboxes

Do you manage multiple inboxes for your various businesses or projects? No problem, we’ve got you covered! We’ll work with you to set up the processes for each inbox, and then manage it for you.

And they rocked it people!

And they rocked it people! I couldn’t work with a better company. I love these guys, they were SO easy to work with, so patient, and so professional. If you’re looking to work with people who come from a place of integrity, I highly commend Nicole Graham and the team at Bauhinia Solutions.

Michelle Chant, Soul Coach, Holistic Therapist, Michelle Chant

Book a Discovery Call

Because we carefully tailor our services to each new client's unique needs, we intentionally take on no more than three new clients each month. To discuss your needs and how the Bauhinia team could support you in the growth of your business, book a Discover Call with our Founder and Director, Nicole Graham.

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