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eCourse Landing Page

When we work with clients on their social media and marketing, we also support them to create landing pages. Our experience working with developing and managing websites, combined with our marketing knowledge allows us to work with our clients to create landing pages for freebies, sales pages on the website and platforms such as ClickFunnels.

Client Request:

With a view to launch an eCourse, our client wanted to create landing pages on her website that she could use to collect email addresses, build her mailing list and share informative products with her target market. She was subscribed to ClickFunnels, however, she wasn’t using it enough to justify the cost, so we suggested using her website as the main marketing tool and recreating the landing pages on the website itself.

Our Support:

Prior to creating her newly launched website, we used ClickFunnels to create a couple of landing pages to promote create sales and landing pages for paid and free content. Every page was set up to collect email addresses and online payments (where required). We then promoted her landing pages on social media.

With her new website up and running, we have recreated landing pages on her site, rather than using a separate platform.

ClickFunnels and Sales Pages

In the situations above, we:

  • Created the page layouts for each landing or sales page
  • Optimised each page for search engines (SEO)
  • Source and edited relevant images to be used on the pages
  • Branded the pages to align with her website branding
  • Where relevant, set up quizzes (including page pop-ups) to collect email addresses and a new automation process with emails being sent out to her clients based on the quiz they completed

For the landing and sales pages, we set them up to collect email addresses and online payments (where required). In order for the process to be fully automated, we also created several automated newsletters through MailChimp which were triggered to be sent out at different stages of the process.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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