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An eBook Makeover for The Spotty Napkin

We are often asked to “spruce up” a documents such as training manuals, proposals, presentations and eBooks. When we do this type of work, we like to ensure the revamp aligns with the client’s branding and includes things like website URL, contact information, logo etc.

Client Request:

After completing the revamp of her online store and setting up her blog, the owner of The Spotty Napkin felt it was time to give her outdated eBook a makeover, and asked us to do this for her.

Our Support:

We wanted to stick with the colours of the website branding and introduced the new colours to their Party Themes eBook. It was also important that the client could edit her eBook when she wanted to so we created it using Microsoft Word. We made the following changes:

  • We applied a bright header using the logo dots and followed it through into the footer by putting the page number in a dot.
  • We enlarged the heading font, changed the heading colours to align them with the colours of the dots in the logo.
  • We added new images and adjusted the sizing of the existing ones.
  • We created consistency throughout the eBook by ensuring there was a header and footer on each page.
  • We created a graphic to use in their online store.

Party Themes eBook

Overall the client loved the new look.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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