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Diary Management for a Busy Coach

Our specialty is working with individual business owners who do not have their own team to support them. We support our clients in many different ways, and one way is to work on a part-time basis as a client’s Personal Assistant. When we are taking on this role, we recommend having an email address under the client’s branding so we can be seen as part of the client’s business, not separate. As a Personal Assistant we often liaise with our client’s clients as well as manage our client’s diaries.

Client Request:

One of our clients was spending a lot of time managing her diary and trying to juggle her coaching clients. As a sought after Executive Coach she was working with clients locally and in other time zones. While she was capable of managing her diary, the time spent doing it meant she was doing so in between her meetings or after her working hours. Being able to delegate her diary management was the main reason she hired us.

Our Support:

In consultation with our client we designed a system that allowed her to glance at her diary and know who she was meeting with, what appointments were tentative and if an appointment had been changed.

At the beginning of the coaching relationship our client would introduce her Client Manager as her PA, and explain that her PA would touch base to coordinate their coaching sessions. Our client had already defined her coaching packages which meant her Client Manager knew how many sessions a coachee would have, the duration of each session and how often they met. This empowered us to effectively manage our client’s diary allowing her to concentrate on being a Coach.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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