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Definition of Relationship Marketing

Marketing trends have seen a huge shift in recent years with clients having more control over what they buy and when.  The concept of relationship marketing is certainly not a new discovery although the way businesses choose to tackle this subject has changed, largely due to the way people perceive and use the Internet.

The aims of relationship marketing are simple.  The main objective is to seek out potential new clients, be responsive to the ones already familiar with the company and attempt to win back previous customers who have not purchased a product or used the services recently. It’s all about developing your client relationships.

Brand loyalty is a key focus with this marketing strategy as it values the long term relationship between that of client and customer.  There is no doubting though that this method does have many hurdles to overcome.  The number of online organisations popping up each day can be difficult to comprehend so maintaining a high level of loyalty can be tricky to balance.  However there are many avenues you can pursue to increase your success rate.

The focus on social media, particularly within the last couple of years has been phenomenal, with many businesses looking to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with their consumers.  Blogging too is another popular forum for maintaining close contact as the blog itself allows for direct communication between that of the organisation and the reader.

What many organisations fail to overlook is the development of an overall strategy upon which all the avenues can be utilised to their full potential so as not to waste any opportunity.  Marketing in its many guises can be expensive however much of the online networking whether it be though social media or online forums is free to access – so why would you even consider to look a gift horse in the mouth!

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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