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Data Entry of Business Cards

It is not unusual for a new client needing some help with data entry or organisation of files, electronically and on paper. In the initial stages of working with a client, they’ll test our services on tasks like entering business card information into an Excel spreadsheet, or organising their Dropbox folders. We happy take on these tasks because it helps a client become more comfortable with delegating work to us.

Client Request:

Our client had a stash of business cards in shoe boxes and whenever he wanted contact details of someone, he would forage through the boxes to find the person’s card. He asked us to take him from shoe boxes to an electronic contact list.

Our Support:

To help our client get organsied we had him sort the cards into categories and then we typed each card into an Excel spreadsheet, which he could use to upload into his Gmail account and for adding additional notes. We entered everything into Excel because it was less time consuming than logging into his email system (which is where he wanted the information) and creating a new contact for each card.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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