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CRM and You

Does the sales process confound you? Are you great at making connections but your leads die in the fire like marshmallows dropped on the coals? Or maybe you just plain hate it. It isn’t magic – it’s CRM! (and I LOVE IT!)

Client (or Customer) Relationship Manger software can boost your business, sales, and your networking ability. Furthermore, there are a number of solutions available so you can chose the right CRM for your business – whether you need pipeline and product tracking for a global team or just want to know who in your network you can visit on your trip to KL.

These are some of the benefits of a CRM:

  • Create a living database of your contacts, easily cross-referenced by company, location, industry, conference or whatever sorting makes sense to you
  • Even with team changes – never lose a contact again
  • Comprehensive connections – Integrated Social Media modules can help you track activity across platforms, not just sales and emails
  • Reporting modules let you track performance, look at historicals/forecasts, and spot trends in your business
  • Build better, more intimate and lasting relationships with your clients by always having a history and record of your relationship at a glance. This helps build a personal element and subsequent client loyalty, “Congratulations on the new baby!” and “How was Hawaii?” – you don’t have to remember everything – it’s all in the CRM!

We have taken clients through several implementations and can help you find the right CRM for you! Give us a call today.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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