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Creating Interesting and Informative Website Copy

We are well known for the high standard of websites we produce on behalf of our clients. We pay careful attention to SEO, website rankings and readability. Just as important as all the technical aspects of building a site is the art of creating interesting and informative website copy.

Client Request:

To write interesting and informative copy for two websites. This was on top of developing the websites and providing login capabilities on both for private tier information.

Our Support:

Following meetings with client to ensure we understood the brief and the visions for both websites, our in-house copywriter began crafting the copy for the sites.

Web copy must be carefully crafted to relay the tone, message and vision of the business it also has to meet certain web related criteria namely SEO, quick scan readability and attention to tier access. We focussed on about 1-2% keyword density. That is enough to tell search engines what the page is about without compromising the integrity of your copy. (Stuffing too many keywords into the copy can actually negatively affect ranking among search engines.)

Due to the technical nature of the business, many hours of research were required to ensure all language used was correct and appropriate in the financial context. We made use of the “inverted pyramid” model which serves to counteract readers short attention spans by placing important information at the beginning of the website and gradually drilling down into details as the text goes on.

Copy supported supplementary multimedia to further explain complex ideas.

First iterations were completed within two weeks and sent onto client for approval. Being able to view all the copy in an organized and concise manner allowed the client to get a better idea of his website vision. He was able to polish ideas, remove extraneous text and add more information where necessary. Once we had everything together, the copy was refined and completed and the websites were ready to go live.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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