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Coordination of Special Events

There are times when Bauhinia Solutions is called on to manage special events for clients, from wine-tastings and networking events, to workshops and trainings.

Client Request:

We were asked to manage the backstage events of an internationally accredited medical examination, which required a role-play practical assessment. The details of the assessment were highly confidential, and a breach would result in the disqualification of results for all examinees, as well as financial and legal repercussions for our client.

Our Support:

Six months prior to the event, we were asked by the client to be in direct contact with the examiners, sort staffing and ensure eligibility and confidentiality of the team. We contacted several sources for acting staff and hired more than 20 actors based on age, gender, nationality, and language requirements to work over the two-day exam. We then managed dissemination of sensitive materials to the cast, and ensured that invoicing, billing, and expenses were covered and accounted for, and all stayed within budget.

During and after the event, we maintained contact with the client, cast, and examiners to further streamline process and event flow, and gathered feedback from the examiners to insure improved process for subsequent events.

The client has now been contracted for this event several years running and it is an annual event.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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