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Coordinating 360 Assessments

From the early days of being in business, Nicole has worked with a number of Executive Coaches. The majority of them have their own approach, methodologies and ‘coaching toolbox’. We often support our clients in organising their coaching appointments as well as helping them to prepare for their coaching sessions.

Client Request:

For one of our clients, who is also a successful Executive Coach, she starts all her coaching sessions with 360 degree feedback assessment. As part of the assessment the new coachee is required to nominate a number of colleagues, clients, peers etc. to evaluate their leadership skills so that he/she can be coached to be a better leader, manager, colleague and/or team player.

Coordinating these assessments, following up evaluators and scheduling various meetings can be time consuming for a coach in their own practice. Our client asked if we could assist her with this and create a clear process for all new coachees.

Our Support:

Our client walked us through the process of coordinating a 360 assessment and her Client Manager made notes along the way. The notes made were turned into a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This allows the Client Manager to ensure she completes all the steps that are required each time the assessment is conducted. By creating an SOP it means that anyone, at any time can use it to coordinate an assessment on behalf of our client.

Now, each time an assessment needs to be coordinated, our client passes on all the key information and her Client Manager takes responsibility for the process, from start to end. By delegating the task, the client has more space in her diary to meet with clients or prospective clients, which in turn helps her build her business.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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