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Computer Off Or On?

Should I leave my computer off or on at night? This is one of those questions with no black or white answer, only varying shades of grey. But let’s take a look and see if we can shed some light on the subject and clear away some of the murkiness.

Whether or not to turn your computer off at night will come down to the way you use your computer.

There are a number of reasons you might need to leave your computer running all night. For example, if you are on a network and the network administrators do back ups and upgrades during the night, you will need to leave your computer on. Also, if your computer is being used as a server (file server, Web server, etc) then you will need to leave it on at night. If you use multiple programs that take a large amount of time to open each day, you may also choose to leave these programs open, and your computer running overnight, in order to improve your efficiency each day.

If the above situations do not affect you, there are a number of reasons to consider turning your computer off at night.

Economical – A computer and its monitor draws a significant amount of power. Although many newer computers have a ‘sleep mode’, this still draws power and will cost you money. An added benefit of using less power is the environmental benefit – less greenhouse gases.

Crashes – Some computer experts have suggested that certain programs, like Windows®, benefit from getting a break at night, helping eliminate crashes during the day as the program is reset when the computer is rebooted in the morning.

Security – Whilst your computer is on, and your internet connection open via DSL or cable modem, your computer is at risk of hacking. To eliminate this risk during the night while you’re away from your desk, your computer must be turned off. If you are logging in to a business from home and you are hacked, you also put the business at risk of those hackers too.

So, the decision is yours, but I hope I’ve given you a look at some of the reasons why and why not to leave your computer running all night.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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