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Collating Online Resources

A number of our clients are corporate trainers and facilitators, leading a range of educational and professional development programs. In most programs the facilitators reference online articles and journals as suggested additional reading. These online articles are a great way of tapping into other experts aligned with the program topic, however, information online can be there one day and gone the next.

Client Request:

This has been the case for one client who likes to provide her participants with a list of online resources. She has been using the resource list for a couple of years and in preparation for an upcoming workshop discovered that some of the links were no longer available. The links she references are a vital part of the participant’s research and being concerned she could possibly lose all the valuable information, she asked us “What can I do?”

Our Support:

Before we recommend a way forward, we like to ponder the options and offer viable solutions. In this case we suggested collating all the online resources by creating a .pdf version of each resource and saving them individually into the client’s Dropbox folder. For referencing purposes, each of the documents were saved using the author’s name, and all details of the publication were maintained in the body of the .pdf file.

By turning all the links into .pdf documents, the client was then assured that the information would still be available in the future, even if it was no longer available online.

Whilst not a complicated task, it was time-consuming, and certainly something easily managed by her Client Manager. By delegating this task our client was free to continue with preparing for her upcoming program, without getting bogged down in compiling all the relevant resources. The advantage for our client is that she can use these resources over and over again.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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