Client Feedback and Reviews

Nicole is Extremely Talented at What She Does

I started working with Nicole and her team in July 2015 when I lost a member of my staff and needed some immediate assistance with my administrative work.  Initially I had thought that this would be short-term, however I found her services to be so valuable that I have not only continued working with them but also kept increasing the amount of work I give them!

I have used Bauhinia Solutions to compile my monthly newsletters, help with social media, write corporate proposals, provide technical support, design several advertisements, and design two websites.

Nicole is extremely talented at what she does, as well as structured, disciplined, reliable, and most of all she makes us feel like she cares for us and the success of our business.  She has spent time to show us how to use social media and our company website more efficiently, and been there several times to help out when we needed immediate assistance for an event or encountered technical glitches.

It has been such a pleasure working with Nicole and the team at Bauhinia Solutions; I can confidently say that our work together has definitely enhanced the professional image of my company.  I would highly recommended their services to any small-medium company looking for high-quality administration support.

Sonia Samtani

Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Sonia Samtani Limited / All About You Wellness Centre

Excellent and Rational Advice.

I have been using Nicole’s services for years. Nicole and her team help manage my online shop, social media and digital marketing. Excellent SME to use for your SME.

Great price point. They are affordable and can customize services depending on what is needed; which will evolve over time. Offers excellent and rational advice. They look at and discuss factors that you may not be aware of. Love the designs they come up with.

I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation, so much better than the previous people we have outsourced to.

Amanda Roddam

Director, Kowloon Veterinary Hospital / Prescription Food

Nicole and her company, Bauhinia Solutions have been managing my social media needs for a couple of years now. Nicole understands my rather niche business extremely well, and she and her team go the extra mile to source and create valuable content, with which to promote my business across various social media platforms. She is very hands on and has helped free up my time, and my calendar from activities that would otherwise take hours – and would only be half as good.

Nicole and her team are valuable assets and critical in my company’s success. I highly recommend using Bauhinia Solutions for all of your back office and social media marketing needs!

Susanne Schutz

Chinese Metaphysics Master, Suzhong Consulting

Best Decision I Made!

As an entrepreneur with a busy professional services business I was drowning in admin, marketing, social media and customer service tasks. It felt like I never stopped doing. I was overwhelmed but didn’t know how to let go or who to trust to help me in the business. Bauhinia Solutions was the answer!

With a dedicated Virtual Assistant who was backed by a team of specialists, I was able to quickly delegate all the task that weren’t focused on client delivery or business growth to someone I trusted and who was much better at doing those tasks then me!  If you are looking to work on your business, scale, or gain back precious time with loved ones, make the strategic decision to talk to Nicole and see how her fabulous team can support you. Best decision I made!

Janine Manning

Strategist & Coach for Driven Professionals,

Elizabeth and Nicole, you are the first to hear.

You have been my support and helped me so much, I am happy to report I have a wait list of patients and the next opening is in August. Thanks so much for helping me get to this point.

The feedback was given at the beginning of May.

Dr. Z

Psychologist, Private Practice

How does Bauhinia Solutions help me? A sounding board for ideas, devising systems to operationalise even my most hare-brained projects, providing a swift response to booking flights, hotels, and training spaces for my client-facing work, offering a solution-focused approach to problems from financial data management to marketing to diaries and databases… And all this wrapped in a warm smile on the days when being an entrepreneur feels rather lonely and overwhelming.

I can’t recommend Nicole and her team highly enough as people and professionals.

Sally Dellow

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Dramatic Difference

Customer Support is just Brilliant.

We have used Bauhinia Solutions for social media support for more than a year. They are a delight to work with.

In the initial orientation itself, they received an in-depth understanding of our business and the industry we work in. Moreover, they took the time out to do research on their own, to supplement the information that we provided. The contents for our social media pages are well researched, relevant, informative and topical.

The Bauhinia team are always proactive to any of our requests and the customer support is just brilliant. I would recommend Bauhinia Solutions to anyone who wants to outsource their social media activities.

Vinod Menon

Director, Everest Spaces

As an extremely busy solo business owner I really didn’t have time to train support staff or explain my requirements multiple times – the fantastic thing about Bauhinia Solutions was that they just stepped right in and got on with the job.

Catherine Stewart

Business Owner, The HK Hub

Thank You for Your Hard Work, Dedication and Support.

Nicole and her team have been a godsend in helping me with all my digital marketing needs. From helping me with copy and optimisation of my website to creating social media posts and online marketing programs as well as direct mails and SEO, I know that with them in charge I can focus on what’s really important – my clients.

Most importantly they are always available to make adjustments and suggestions and even when I have accidentally messed everything up undoing hours of work they immediately fixed everything and put the world to right. Thank you ladies for your hard work, dedication and support for the last couple of years.

Valentina Tudose

Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist, Happy Ever After

Bauhinia Solutions has been instrumental in scaling up my business, from providing me with comprehensive social media support, to helping me to develop new methods to get my name “out there.” They are professional and great at what they do. I feel like my social media presence is in highly competent hands.

Nicole and her team are wonderful to work with: super-responsive and dedicated to making me shine online. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Britta Butler

Interior Designer, B Squared Design

Finding Bauhinia was a Godsend.

As someone who is not a ‘techie’, finding Bauhinia was a godsend. Nicole and her team provided a range of support for my food-related businesses, from customer service support for our cooking school, to social media marketing for our cafe, and website support for our culinary incubator.

The benefit of hiring the team at Bauhinia Solutions is that you don’t need to hold their hand, or micro manage. It meant a lot less stress and being a lot better organised. They have the depth and breadth of experience to get on with things with very little direction. If you’re looking for quality support, I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Nicole and her team.

Lori Granito

Women's Success & Leadership Coach,

Nicole has been an instrumental part of my company for many years. From establishing our “online” catalog back in the late 1990′s, and her vision with ecommerce trading, to her implementation of business plan and human resource templates.

Nicole instigated our original eBay store – a bulk clearance store of “Not Quite Right” merchandise. This store along with a fully-fledged Personalised Store has now formed a core part of our business model.It has been wonderful having Nicole, someone from outside the company, provide their knowledge and resources. Her business plan template is a fabulous tool for me and my team to work with, along with her professional development and job description templates.

Everything Nicole has contributed to us is still being used today, we simply update them as the company grows.

Nicole has an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of business… corporate, medium and small and applies her knowledge and vision accordingly.

Vicky Solopotias

Director, VS Direct Pty Ltd

Seriously Knows Her Stuff.

Nicole has worked on several social media marketing projects for me and she seriously knows her stuff. Even more impressive is the time she takes to fully understand your business and then recommend smart strategies to increase sales and branding. Thanks so much Nicole for your dedication and effort!

Nathan King

Photographer, Nathan King Photography

The Work is Superior

Bauhinia Solutions has been the backbone of my company since 2007. Nicole and her team offer a very professional service with a warm and embracing style.

Over the years I’ve asked them to provide many services for Culture3Counsel as well as my personal work. Each and every time they have completed the assignments on time and in a professional format. The work is superior. The tasks are never too large, and they take time to work with me on a one to one basis. I rely on the team at Bauhinia Solutions, and they always come through for me. Thank you so much for all you do for me.

Lesley Lewis

Counselor, and Culturalist, Culture3Counsel

I Could Not Recommend the Girl’s from Bauhinia Solutions Enough

I enlisted the services of Bauhinia Solutions in May 2009 for an adventure sport business proposal. The entire task was daunting and difficult. I had never made a formal proposal before, let alone gained the approval from regulatory bodies in another country. I soon met with Nicole Graham and started an excellent working relationship for the development of my business.

Nicole has a lot of experience in creating business proposals, her professionalism and creative flair played a huge part in market research and developing the various strategies needed to launch a new business.Whilst creating the proposal, Nicole was able to offer numerous solutions for areas of the business that I had limited experience in. Nicole’s input shaved hours off the research time and kept my business goal moving in the right direction.

Mel, Nicole’s partner in crime, handled our logo design for the proposal which turned out fantastic! Mel’s designs were great and I can’t thank her enough for her creative input.

I could not recommend the girl’s from Bauhinia Solutions enough; I hope to use their service for all of our future business needs.

Pierre Vinodolac

Pilot, Skydiver

It’s super easy to meet entrepreneurs especially in a city like Hong Kong but professionals like Nicole are rare and a breath of fresh air. Hardworking, honest, transparent and fair, Nicole is one of those individuals who will tell it to you how it is, tell you how to make it better, and do it with a smile along the way.

Jonathan Liu

Director, Advisor, Moonlight Marketing

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